Aircraft Mockups for Filming

The Jet Studio offers the most affordable jet aircraft standing sets for filming in the Los Angeles area. Our private executive jet has operating hydraulic boarding stair and has the nose landing gear extended. Jet interiors are camera ready and pre-lit with rgb+w LED’s.


  • 54' long actual jet fuselage converted to standing set
  • Private jet interior is LED pre-lit
  • Hydraulic boarding stair at main entry door on mid-size jet
  • Airplane cabin has 7 single swivel reclining seats and 2 person and 3 person side facing sofas. Total 12 passenger seating.
  • 2 pilot jet cockpit layout and 2 crew jump seats for total 4 crew seating
  • Easy seating removal or reconfiguring
  • This executive jet film location is in the studio zone
  • Ready to shoot standing aircraft set
  • The most affordable jet airplane film set in Los Angeles
  • The jet aircraft for filming is complete with galley and executive lavatory
  • Rear cargo loading door


is part of The Villa Serena Filming Location. Our jet stages can be rented separately or at a discounted rate when included with a Villa Serena main buildings rental.