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Hollywood's most affordable jet airplane set

Gulfstream G3 Mid-size Executive Jet Mockup

The most versatile portable jet airplane set available to the motion picture production industry. So much more than a jet interior mockup, our mid-size executive jet set was originally an operational Gulfstream “G3” jet; now with wings and tail removed, the complete fuselage (including cockpit) is trailer mounted for easy transport to your location or is a "ready to shoot" standing set at The Villa Serena.

When you need to film in a jet airplane interior, our G3 jet fuselage with cockpit is the best available. The jets interior is decorated with luxurious leather, quality fabrics and wood veneers with a tasteful soft gray color scheme. The entire set is color-correct LED pre-lit and ready to shoot at the flick of a switch.

Our G3 jet aircraft set is also unique having visible nose landing gear for the most realistic passenger loading and unloading shots. You won't find a better private jet mockup for filming in Los Angeles.

    More about the jet aircraft film studio

  • 54′ long fuselage mounted on a trailer
  • Fully lit cockpit instrument panel
  • Private jet interior is LED pre-lit
  • Hydraulic boarding stair at main entry door
  • Airplane cabin has 7 single swivel reclining seats and 2 person and 3 person side facing sofas. Total 12 passenger seating.
  • 2 pilot jet cockpit layout and 2 crew jump seats for total 4 crew seating
  • Easy seating removal or reconfiguring
  • This executive jet film location is in the studio zone
  • Trailer mounted for easy transport to your location
  • Ready to shoot standing aircraft set
  • The most affordable jet airplane film set in Los Angeles
  • The jet aircraft for filming is complete with galley and executive lavatory
  • Rear cargo loading door

Our G3 business jet airplane mockup for movies, television & film is pre-lit with VHO Pro LiteRibbon® color correct LED highlights and cockpit gauges.

The best airplane film set in Los Angeles! Plenty of on site parking too.