737 Main Cabin Standing Set

external view of the 737 fuselage
737 Fuselage complete with Cockpit, First Class and Coach Seating. Interior also has a Galley and 2 Lavatories.
view of the pre-lit cockpit at night
Our 737 standing set has the cockpit of a 727, which is much larger than the original 737 cockpit. Cockpit instruments are mostly lit and have many switches that turn on and off lights.
business class section of the 737 film set
737 Fiist Class or Business Class seating. Usually configured with 3 rows of seating with a total of 10 seats. We have 2 more seats available to install as needed.
737 coach class seating
737 coach class seating. There are 8 rows with a total of 46 coach seats.
full length view of the jet isle looking from the rear section through the coach and first class sections and can see the cockpit too
Looking forward from the rear of the plane. You can see down the isle the coach and first class sections and then on to the cockpit.
Rear lavatory doors
Rear lavatory doors
Three views of the rear lavatory
Three views of the rear lavatory.
aft lavatory sink
This is the aft lavatory sink. There is running water available in this sink if needed.
Demo life jacket
Demo life jacket prop on set for your use.
Jet service cart
Jet service cart on set for your use.
Daylight view of the cockpit
Daylight view of the cockpit.

737 Virtual Tour

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This is a "ready to shoot" standing set at The Villa Serena.

When you need to film in a jet airplane interior, our 737 jet main cabin is the best available. The jets interior is a tasteful 2 tone leather. The entire set is color-correct LED pre-lit and ready to shoot at the flick of a switch.

More about the commercial jet standing set
  • 40′ long fuselage section
  • Jet interior is pre-lit with color-correct LED
  • Airplane cabin has 8 rows of seating and 2 crew jump seats. Total 44 passenger seating.
  • Easy seating removal or reconfiguring
  • This 737 jet film location is in the studio zone
  • Ready to shoot standing aircraft set
  • The most affordable jet airplane film set in Los Angeles
  • The jet aircraft for filming is complete with lavatory